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Our services

Forgotten Wolves Studio offers professional audio mixing and audio production services. With 11 years of experience I can get your music to radio and label quality that your music deserves to be heard like!

Online Mixing
  • £40 & Up - Get your indevidual tracks professional mixed to how you envisioned the song to be and ready for the mastering stage.
  • Each Track will be tweeked using EQ's and compressors
  • We will use a hybrid of both Digital and Analog depending on the tracks
  • Effects will be added if needed or requested.
Online Mastering Services
  • £20 & Up - Get your music mastered to a big, puncy and clear sound, ready for cd production, radios or even for sending to record labels.
  • The use of both Analog and Digital gear will be used for the mastering stage unless you request it to be a fully digital master.
Drum Programming/Replacement Service
  • £10 & Up - Get professional sounding drums added to your track or even replace the drum programmes you are currently using.
  • Live sounding drums to add a realistic drum tracks to your audio files
  • We have an array of drum samples from hip hop kits to metal kits

Audio Samples

Take a Listen to our audio samples

Mixing and mastering Hero By - Steve Christopher
Mixing and Mastering & Drum Programming Burning By - Steve Christopher
Vocal Mixing and Mastering Balkin Beauty By - Smooth Deep
Recording, Mixing and Mastering A Better World Without Me By - Chainsaw Murphy
Recording, Mixing and Mastering Lois Lane By Chainsaw Murphy

Service process

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

1Upload Your Tracks

Upload your tracks or sessions via a file sharing service or by creating an account and making a project

2Professional Mixing

Once we have received your Track(s) we will book your session in. The Normal turn around time is 2-4 Days

3Approve The Tracks

We will either send you a watermarked audio sample or you can view it within your account. We offer 4 Free Revisions. If you're still not happy we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

4Download Your Tracks

Once the track(s) have been approved we will send you all the files which has been stated within the package

Client Testimonials

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