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There are many independent artists out there, in the world trying to get exposure. The first step towards getting the exposure is actually recording your song and polishing it to the best version of itself. The new technology at Forgotten Wolves Studio offers a friendly professional mixing and mastering service which starts from the online mastering to online mixing and online drum programming stretches up to the final mastering.

Online Mixing
  • £40 & Up - Get your individual tracks professionally mixed to how you envisioned the song to be and ready for the mastering stage.
  • Each Track will be tweaked using EQ's and compressors
  • We will use a hybrid of both Digital and Analog depending on the tracks
  • Effects will be added if needed or requested.
Online Mastering Services
  • £20 & Up - Get your music mastered to a big, punchy and clear sound, ready for cd production, radios or even for sending to record labels.
  • The use of both Analog and Digital gear will be used for the mastering stage unless you request it to be a fully digital master.
Drum Programming/Replacement Service
  • £10 & Up - Get professional sounding drums added to your track or even replace the drum programs you are currently using.
  • Live sounding drums to add a realistic drum track to your audio files
  • We have an array of drum samples from hip hop kits to metal kits

Online Mixing And Mastering

Forgotten Wolves Studio is an Online Mixing and Mastering studio Based in Birmingham UK. Have you got your song Recorded? and ready for your song to be mixed and mastered? Or you have been working on your mix but finds it lacks in clarity and punch? We can help achieve these with our Online Mixing and Mastering services.

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Welcome to forgotten wolves studio. Have you been working hard on your latest project, but it feels and sounds dull, lifeless and flat? We will be able to help mix and master your song for you, from using digital plugins and analog equipment, your song will get the attention it needs!!

We believe every song is different and we treat them as such no two songs will have the same EQ or compression. We will mix to the style of the music, whether it be fully digital, or a mixture of our analog plugins and outboard equipment. We use some of the best plugins for analog emulations.

Upon ordering you can request for the song(s) to be mixed using analog, digital or even as a hybrid of analog and digital at no extra cost. We take pride in all our mixing and mastering services and provide unlimited revisions for all services.

What Makes us different is we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsure about giving us a try you can always create a free account select your services and on checkout, you have the option to pay later and no upfront money is exchanged. You can pay only if you're satisfied with the results at the end if you are not happy the sessions will be destroyed from our DAW, which gives you a chance to try us risk-free! You will be supplied with the finished audio file on your account. Which will have our watermark in the audio file itself.


Service process

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

1Upload Your Tracks

Upload your tracks or sessions via a file sharing service or by creating an account and making a project

2Professional Mixing

Once we have received your Track(s) we will book your session in. The Normal turn around time is 2-4 Days

3Approve The Tracks

We will either send you a watermarked audio sample or you can view it within your account. We offer 4 Free Revisions. If you're still not happy we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

4Download Your Tracks

Once the track(s) have been approved we will send you all the files which has been stated within the package

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