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Drum Production

With our online Drum Production Service We can replace or program your drums with any of our acoustic or electronic drum samples to make the kick sound fatter or to make the overall drums sound live.

What You Will Get
  • You will recieve midi files of the drums.
  • Each drum file will be exported separately dry with no effects on so that the drums can be mixed in to your liking.
  • we have over 50 different hits to be used so if your looking for a particular drum soundwe can look through our data base to see if we have that hit. 
What You Need For This Service
  • either the midi file for the drum or each hit of the drum seperatly (we can work from a stereo file with all the drums in).
Drum Replacement
  • The original drum file will be converted our our acoustic drums.
  • Each hit will be exported @ 24bit 41.1KHz
Drum Programming
  • drums will be programmed against your audio files
  • Each hit will be exported @ 24bit 41.1KHz